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Front to Back File Bars (2 bars)

Front to Back File Bars (2 bars)


*minimum order of 2 on all file bar orders*

Premium Machine's Front-to-Back File Bars (2 per order)


Use these front to back file bars (file rails) to change direction of your filing. With these, you can file hanging files from the front to back inside a lateral file drawer instead of side to side. With multiple front-to-back file bars, you can have files running several ways in a lateral file cabinet. See the picture for options. 


These front to back file bars are manufactured to fit different brands of lateral file cabinets. Choose the file bars according to the brand of file cabinet that you have. These are sold in pairs (2 file bars per order) and are made of galvanized steel. The measurement of each bar is from hook to hook. 

  • HON (15 1/8")

  • Haworth and Knoll (15 1/2")

  • Meridian and Haworth (16")

  • Meridian (18")

  • Still not sure? Give us call at 989-855-3326. 


OUR COMPANY: We are located in Lyons, Michigan. What you see in the pictures are our products, made in our facility. We sell to individuals and companies alike.

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