Universal File Bar (Custom Sizing) with Clips (2-pack)

Universal File Bar (Custom Sizing) with Clips (2-pack)


*minimum order of 2 on all file bar orders*


Universal Lateral File Rails


Premium Machine's Universal Lateral File Rails (file bars) are custom manufactured in our facility to work in any wood or metal filing cabinet. If you have a generic metal filing cabinet or don't know what kind of cabinet you have, our Universal File Rails are a perfect solution. Clips are included with all Universal Lateral File Rails. Please note these are custom cut so there are no refunds after item is shipped. If you are unsure about sizing, see the picture below or give us a call at 989-855-3326. 

When ordering please provide all of the following

1. Rail Length - Inside dimensions of the drawer

2. Wall Thickness - Thickness of the drawer wall

3. Exterior Width - Exterior width of the entire cabinet

4. Wood or Metal - Specify if the cabinet is wood or metal