Haworth Compatible File Bars (2 Per order)

Haworth Compatible File Bars (2 Per order)


*minimum order of 2 on all file bar orders*

Haworth Compatible File Bars 


These file bars are compatible with Haworth 950 series filing cabinets and will help you create side to side filing in your file cabinet.


Create side to side filing with these file bars (file rails, hanging rails) in Haworth 950 file cabinets. We sell in our bars in pairs, as 2 are needed per drawer for hanging files. We offer three lengths; choose bars based on the exterior width of the cabinet. 


Available in a variety of lengths based on the exterior width of the cabinet:

  • 30" Exterior Cabinet Measurement
  • 36" Exterior Cabinet Measurement
  • 42" Exterior Cabinet Measurement

If these don't match your file bar needs, see our Universal File Bar page. Still not sure? Give us a call: 989-855-3326.


Our Company: We are located in Lyons, Michigan. What you see in the pictures are our products, made in our facility. We sell to individuals and companies alike.


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